Meet adoptable deaf 2 year old rock star Luna who is looking for a special/loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, live in a place where there is a secure safe fenced in yard for her to run and play in and always keep her safe.

From her caregiver Andrea: I am a 22 year old girl that rescued Luna from the shelter last year, I love having her and do not want to let her go. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to move out of my home, I cannot pay the rent anymore and have to move into a studio apartment. It is not about the pet fee, but about the amount of space Luna would have.



Luna is used to having a backyard to run in and play tug of war (her favorite) and to sleep in her doggy house at night. She is a great dog, happy and always wagging her tail, you can tell she really loves her owner. She knows sit, lay and stay commands so she is very smart, will also bark at shadows at night but is friendly towards everyone even strangers. She loves children but her energy is too much and she some times jump which is why I do not recommend small children in the home. She is good with cats, wants to play with them not eat them, and good with other dogs too. Overall she is a very good companion and devoted but it is not fair to keep her in such a small space of only 325 square feet, I don’t want her to be neglected.