This listing was put up on April 23, 21

Update on 9/02/21:

Due to the set up of our sanctuary, Linus spends most of his time outside except at night when he’s sleeping. We have lots of trees which causes lots of moving shadows on the ground with the breeze. Linus is becoming very OCD, going after the shadows and digging. He’s finding many roots when he digs and is determined to get them out of the ground, which is impossible but he doesn’t let that stop him! We love him so much here at the sanctuary but know that it is not the best situation for a deaf dog and know he would benefit immensely if we could find him a foster home that knows how to work with a dog that has OCD tendencies. Of course an adopter would be ideal but a foster home would be a blessing at this point! Even though he is guaranteed a “home” with us forever, we’d love to see him get the individualized attention he deserves to be a happy, relaxed, cherished member of a family.

Meet adoptable deaf 16 month old Linus who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, make playing/enrichment/exercises and learning new things a priority and always keep him safe.

Linus came to Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary because his previous family didn’t have the time to dedicate to his extra needs. Along with being deaf, Linus is suspected to have food allergies and is on a special diet of hydrolyzed protein kibble. He’s a handsome, cheerful, energetic one year old boy with brown speckles on his ears and a cute brown patch on the base of his tail.

Linus lived in a home that had children, ages seven and fourteen years old and four other dogs. Here at the sanctuary Linus was a bit much for a few dogs but has found a hound friend that he enjoys playing with. He has chewed a couple of beds while here at the sanctuary and was reported to be destructive with toys but that’s what their there for, right? Linus loves to ride in the car, playing fetch and enjoys off leash exploring in a fenced yard. He’s easily distracted by the occasional dragonfly or butterfly, which is really cute to watch!


Something tells us he’d love to go to the beach and help build sandcastles, especially digging the mote! Linus would love a family who has lots of love to offer and is patient and willing to work with him and learn along side of him on his manners and communication skills. This lovable guy will capture your heart, he just needs a chance to prove it!