Meet adoptable deaf 8 month old puppy Lily who is looking for a loving home where she will be an only dog.

From her caregiver: Lily is a deaf, female 8 month old Treeing Cur. While her deafness was a surprise, she quickly learned and adapted to hand signal training (including giving paw) – she is a every fast learner. Lily loves being around her humans, cuddling or most often invading personal space. She is fully potty and crate trained although prefers to sleep in the bed with her humans.

She has grown up with 2 other dogs (a male and a female) and a toddler in which she adores. Lily doesn’t understand her size, power in her paws or when running how with a turn or a tail wag she can knock down little kids. Lily doesn’t understand (due to her deafness) cues from other dogs when they are not interested in playing and has had recent negative interactions with the other female dog in the house.

Lily is really a loving dog, always curious of new things and has the energy to be very active but doesn’t have a problem cuddling and watching TV. It breaks our heart to need to rehome her, but she would be better suited in a home where she is the only dog.