Meet sweet adoptable deaf/vision impaired, 3 year old catahoula girl Lilo who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her advocate: We have a very special girl named LILO and she’s looking for a family that can support her with some special needs. Lilo came into one of our partner shelters in North Carolina as a stray. She waited and waited, but nobody came to claim her. It became apparent that Lilo had some visual AND hearing impairment.


We think she has limited vision, can see shadows and movement, but probably almost completely deaf. It was her lucky day when a special needs foster here in Vermont offered her escape from the shelter and a safe place in her home so we can evaluate what her needs are and the best way she can be supported with a family of her own.

Lilo has impressed us in many ways! She even joins her foster family with outdoor adventures and hikes. This could be Lilo’s favorite time of the day! She loves the outdoors!

We are proud of Lilo for her willingness to spread her wings little by little. She was a shy girl when she first arrived. She has done well with some guidance and direction around other dogs. The visual impairment paired with the deafness can make it hard for her to read other dogs and understand their communication. She has been slowly introduced to the other foster canine siblings and has done well with calm, balanced males, but is unsure of female energy within the home.

We feel Lilo would do best with a family that is active and would like a dog to go on daily hikes with. Lilo is young and enjoys learning new things and keeping active both physically and mentally. She is a busy girl who wants to please and needs her people to be willing to understand her impairment and work to effectively communicate with her. Her foster mom has taught her decent recall, sit, up, and working on down.

Lilo would do well with another balanced male canine friend in the home, similar in size and tolerant of what might be considered “rude” behavior. Due to Lilo’s limited depth perception and little concept of personal space she often will run into another dog or step on them unintentionally. She loves to play and wrestle and is still learning from other dogs what is appropriate and what is not. She has made quite the friendship with her male canine friend in the foster home and will often be found cuddling with him. A home with another “helper” dog would be wonderful for Lilo to bond with and look to for confidence in new situations.

Not surprisingly, this girl bonds very quickly and very strong. She will need a family that has people home more often than not while she continues to gain confidence and learns that she will not be abandoned again. She will be a shadow in the home for some time to come. As unconfident dogs become more confident, this insecurity will also subside, but it will take patience and most of all understanding. Lilo may do well with older kiddos that have the understanding of her impairments and also learn how to communicate with her and not startle her. She has been introduced to children thoughtfully and she has done well with them. Lilo also enjoys her cuddle time with the humans in the home.

Lilo is a friendly girl and every person she has met has been invited to be her friend. She is loving, playful, active, kind, appreciative, and yearning for that special relationship with her person(s). We’d like to find a home with experience with special needs, but would also consider a family willing to learn about her special needs and give her the support she needs and seek out guidance from special needs professionals who use positive training techniques only. Lilo is a lovely, sensitive soul who would not do well with a heavy hand or aversive training techniques. We will help guide her adopter to a dog professional to help support and set up for a successful transition.

Lilo will require an ample amount of fenced in area so she can get the energy outlet she needs in between hiking adventures with her favorite people. She does well in car rides when with her foster mom while headed out for adventure! She loves couch time, snuggle time and a bed to sleep in with her people. Lilo also lives with a dog savvy cat and has been interested, but respectful.

Lilo is about 3 years old and about 70 pounds.

Lilo is being fostered in Starksboro, VT. If you would like to meet this special girl, and think she would be a welcomed canine family member, please fill out an application.