Meet adoptable deaf dog Lancelot who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him, continue training/enrichment and always keep him safe.

From his current caregiver. Lancelot is a pit bull and Sharpei mix who is deaf. He is three years old but acts like a puppy. When I adopted him they didn’t know he was deaf. He was completely untrained and still has a long way to go but with the right person committed to training him, he will do great. I can”t keep him because he has destructive behaviors when he’s left alone or isn’t being paid attention to.


He also can’t be with cats and jumps on small kids. He can’t go on walks without a gentle leader and even then he is challenging to walk but with some positive reinforcement training and consistency I am sure he will improve.  He needs to be in a fenced yard or will run for miles. Other than his lack of training, he is a very sweet dog. He is super cuddly and always gives hugs. He has lots of energy and needs a family that can keep up with him.