Meet adoptable deaf dog King who has the best rock star smile of any dog we have ever seen. King is looking for a loving and safe forever home.

From his shelter: Hi, I’m King!
I am an absolute sweetheart who loves every single person I’ve ever met. I had a bit of a rocky start in life, I had been kept on a small chain all year round in the blistering sun and freezing winters. Some nice people got word of me and immediately brought me to the shelter to be shown love, warmth, and make so many new friends!



The news is true, I am completely deaf…but the shelter staff talks to me alllll day long, they say I’m a fantastic listener! I get along great with other dogs, people, just not sure about those pesky cats! I would never hurt them, but boy do they seem fun to chase! I’ve been at the shelter for a few months, everyone falls in love with my dorky smile…but from reading lips I can gather nobody is willing to take a chance on a dog who can’t hear. I wish they could see me how the shelter staff sees me… I’m such a good boy and I know it! I can sit, I walk fantastic on a leash, I like to run, play, and snore away on my bed! I would much rather prefer your couch to snore on though! Give me a shot, I’ll be your best friend in the entire world.