Meet sweet adoptable deaf dog Kaia who is looking for a loving forever family/person who will cherish her, spend quality time with her and always keep her safe.

From her caregiver: Kaia is a sweet, loving girl who just needs someone that can give her the time and attention she deserves! A yard to run around in would be great too! At times can be a little high strung, but I think that comes with lack of attention and time that we can no longer give her. Our circumstances have changed and we are no longer able to give her that attention.


We adopted Kaia at 8 weeks old, unaware that she was deaf. We have given her professional training so she understands basic signs. She has never really had a place to run, like a yard, and I think she would absolutely love that. She seems to be afraid of others dogs, cats – but then again she has never really been around them for long periods of time. Kaia is about 50 lbs. and up to date on all shots.