Meet adoptable deaf 1.5 year old Juno who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, make time to be her BFF, and always keep her safety a priority.

From her current caregivers: Juno is a year and a half old, 45lb terrier mix. She is all white and has honey colored freckles all over and her ears are also honey colored.
She is the most friendly, sweetest and gentle dog we have ever had. Her and her brother were found in a garbage bag along with the rest of their dead siblings. It seems as if she knew she was being saved even as a new pup because she has a very appreciative attitude, if that makes sense.
We obviously didnt know she was deaf at the time but after realizing she was we tried to teach ourselves more about how to handle a deaf dog. We taught her basic commands but are definitely not doing her justice.

We have another dog and cat and Juno is great with them. She knows no foe. We have a 5 year old boy that plays ruff with her and she smiles the whole time, she loves any attention. She’s so gentle that when given a bone it takes all of 10 seconds for her to take it out of your hand. She can be a brute but its just her not realizing how strong she is. For a small dog she is SO strong.

She loves to sleep in bed with you so if you’re not in to that you’ll have to break the habit. It truly saddens me, my husband, and the kid but after talking about it for well over a month we know she deserves better than what we can currently give her. I recently had a baby girl and as any parent knows that takes a lot of attention. My son is now yearning for attention now as he has been an only child for 5 years.

Also, My husband is deploying this coming summer. Juno finds herself in trouble a lot now but its mostly because our nerves are shot and shes put on the backburner. She still a pup and wants to play, run, pester the old maid dog we have, run the cat around the house while we’re trying to get baby to sleep. Its all playful behavior but as I stated earlier, she deserves to be played with. Our other dog is “the old maid” so she loves laying in her little spot on the couch about 23hrs a day. Perfect for us at this point.
It breaks my heart that I’m doing this but I really want Juno to go to a loving person with the patience we no longer have.