Meet adoptable deaf dog Juke who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him, continue his training, be his BFF and always keep him safe.

From his foster: Juke is a gorgeous blue-eyed boy who more or less grew up in our shelter; it took us a bit to realize he was deaf. We were able to teach him some hand signals quickly. He is smart, has a tremendous sense of humor, loves to sleep in in the morning, and loves to sit under the piano and feel the vibrations of the music! He has been boarding with a kind foster/training partner of the shelter’s so we could learn more about how he is in a home; he is willing to work with Juke’s adopters.


His report is below:

“Juke is incredibly kind. Even when he gets over stimulated I have manhandled him and he has never re-directed in any fashion or attempted to do so.

Juke does get over stimulated from time to time….he is responding to his signs tho and it gets more manageable as we go along. I have one big stick that he is allowed to play with when we are out in the field. He will let go of it for me when we are done playing and it stays outside. I have not found anything else he is interested in playing with yet.

He eats lined up with the other dogs. He drinks from the water bowl with them as well and has even begun drinking side by side with other dogs.

He gets along with all the dogs. I have dogs coming and going and he is friendly and kind to all.

He is mostly housetrained (amazing, given that he grew up in a kennel). He is a bit tricky when he has to go outside, unlike most dogs he doesn’t go to the door and bark….he goes to the window in the little library room and paces and whines.

He waits at the door before his walk to get his harness on and leash. He is great at this.

He has full range of the house at night…he either sleeps in his open crate or on a dog bed in the family room.

He has caused no damage to our home.

He loves my young children.

When I sit to relax in the evening he comes over and lays his head on my feet.

Leash walking with the Easywalk harness is getting better. ”

Juke is a great dog for someone who is interested in continuing to learn with him and who will keep his mind enriched; he would love to live with other dogs.

If Juke is adopted in the Charlottesville area Green Dogs Unleashed Training will donate two private training lessons and Deaf Dogs Rock will donate two private training lessons at Green Dogs Unleashed (we will pay for the lessons).