Josh- Adopted

Update 7/16/16 – Josh has been adopted!

Update 3/10/17: Because Josh’s foster had to have surgery the rescue has Josh in a boarding facility. Josh really needs a loving home where he can settle in and be himself. He needs someone who will love him for who he is and be patient with him.

2/10/17: Meet sweet Josh who is a sweet adoptable 5 year old deaf dog who is dreaming of a loving forever home where he will always be considered one of the family and kept safe at all times. His foster is no longer available and the woman who is caring for him has t have major surgery so Josh needs a loving forever home fast!

From Josh’s caregiver Donna: Josh is a mix, white with black spots on his ears and undercoat.I had been fostering with Hooves and Paws when I first heard about Josh. The owner of the rescue had gotten him from the shelter about 3 years ago,emaciated, scarred,and fearful. He was scheduled to be put down and she saved him. He was in several fosters, and boarded for long periods of time.

Last Nov. I took him as she was closing down her foster until we could find him a forever home. When I first got Josh, he reminded me of a cat because he was rather aloof, petting him was always on his terms,  and he doesn’t let me touch his ears. He always alerts me gently when I’m asleep and he never showed aggression but sometimes he is fearful.

I then found out I had a tumor and had to leave town for additional testing. He had bad teeth and the foster owner scheduled him for dental surgery and he had nine teeth pulled around thanksgiving. When I came home, he was ready to be discharged from vet hospital and would have gone into boarding so I took him back!

Josh was on antibiotics and pain meds for two weeks and his activity and interaction were much improved. His favorite thing in life is to take a walk and he loves to smell everything so we trot along the way with his nose to the ground.

He also adores riding in the car, with his nose out the window! We have worked on hand signals, so he knows the signs for: stay, come, and okay. He is very expressive when he wants and needs something he will come and sit, stare, and if that doesn’t work, he will put his paw or head on my knee.  He usually means to tell me he wants food, water, or to go out and go potty.

He now believes he is a lap dog and will crawl onto my lap and put his head back for petting and scratching. Honestly I have allowed him to sleep on my bed which he hogs most of the time. He is completely house trained and has never had an accident in the house.

He has no aggression issues with food, people, or children His vaccinations are up to date and he is on HW preventative and flea preventative. I have observed his behavior over the past few weeks and he will definitely try to chase cats and squirrels but has learned if I tug on his halter he will stop. Josh can become nervous if a dog gets behind him or he doesn’t see them coming (which is natural for any dogs). If a dog jumps him or if he feels threatened by another dog,  will defend himself.

I have come to understand that this seems common with deaf dogs and have tried to put myself in his place if I couldn’t hear. He needs a fenced yard with someone who can spend quality time with him. Josh is great for a watch dog because his bark is loud and he alerts all of us to vibrations/movement outside. He is always greeting our guests with a wagging tail and eager to smell each person to learn more about them.

I am 71, now facing major surgery soon and Josh deserves better. I truly think he would do well with another dog if someone were to acclimate him gradually as he loves to be close to and see his human. When he is sleeping, he will open one eye and if he doesn’t see me, he will go to every room looking for me. As soon as he finds me he goes back to sleep.

Deaf Dog Josh is a blessing and he deserves a forever home with a family who will be patient with him, make him one of the family, be loyal to him by doing always what’s best for him and always keeping him safe.

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