Meet adoptable deaf 3 year old red heeler Jojo who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, help her learn new things and always keep her safety a priority.

From her rescue advocate: Jojo is 3 years old female Red Heeler. She got rescued by the good neighbour when her family was moving out of state and left her behind. She was always a back yard dog with no training. Her best time was chasing bicycles when they passed along the fence. During the time at the neighbour house -for couple of months -she bonded with the family and the dog they have but all this changed when the third dog was introduced to the household. Jojo got in trouble with the protective pitbull and was seriously injured.

And family decided to look for new place for JoJo. This is when she was introduced to our dogs . She did very well with male dog. They bonded quickly and he became the best friends. But she was not not good with other female. This was evolving and we see that both females are very territorial.
Jojo didn’t pass the busy street test either. However improved over the 6 months , she still overreacting when cars passing, or people are too closed. She loves to guard the farm. She is very affectionate and loyal. Loves belly rubbing and is gentle. Fetching ball and play chase with other dog is her favorite. She learned fast and knows the basic hand signs.

She is spayed and vaccinated.
We like to find her a home with yard where she will be the only dog, or home with a male dog. She is very energetic and loves to pinch . She would love to have a job – what The Heeler is born for. Experience heeler’s owner needed.