Meet adoptable, seven your old, deaf Catahoula Leopard dog mix Jody who lost her home and is looking for a new family to cherish her and keep her safe.



From the shelter: We are a no kill shelter in Anniston, Al. We received Jodi in February from a family that became homeless. She was on boarding status until June of this year. Her family ended up signing Jodi over to us then. Jodi is seven and a little overweight. She loves her kibble! Jodi appears to be food protective but plays in the exercise yard fine with the other dogs. I don’t know about cats. Jodi has two blue eyes and we think she may be Catahoula Leopard dog mix. She is a very striking dog. Easy going and friendly, her favorite past time is napping. We send her to a dog training school three times a month and Jodi is very good on a leash. We don’t want Jodi to spend the rest of her life in a kennel and are trying to get her into a home.