Meet adoptable, 10 month old, deaf dog Hopper aka Hop who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment/exercise a priority and always keep him safe.

From his advocate: Mr. Hoppy Poppy is an adorable fun loving pup full of personality! Hop was found in the middle of a dangerous road seemingly disoriented. Within a few days of his rescue we discovered he is probably a Double Merle (when two Merle genes are bred) and deaf but otherwise healthy and happy! He was let free from a neighboring house to fend for himself after a drug bust occurred. He is the last of a handful of dogs that have been rescued and rehomed from this location over the past few years. Since he is a special boy, we need to find his special adopter!

Hop seems to get along with and love everyone; humans, dogs, and cats. He is a bit rambunctious but is learning and adapting to our household. He loves being outside free to run and play so a large safe area is important. He also REALLY LOVES WATER. He enjoys romping in pools, creeks, rivers, and sprinklers. We believe Hop has Australian Shepherd and Lab in him (or a Catahoula Leopard dog mix). He would be a great romp around with ya kind of dog if you have land or a farm with secure fencing. He is just so much fun to be around and live with. Hopper named himself by showing us his cute little “hop.” At first, I was stumped on his name until he started coming out of his shell so when he got excited and began hopping around, his name was perfect for him. It’s just adorable! Hop also likes to climb onto things and spring off of them like a Kangaroo. He springs off of the porch, his doghouse, and the truck bed.

Hop will always keep you entertained but when play time is over, he will also settle down with his favorite toy or cuddle up in the couch with his human. He is a very sweet pup and adores his people. This adoration does give him some trouble when alone. We are working on crate training but do understand it is not his favorite thing to be left alone. This has slowly improved within the month we have had him but he will need continued work in this area. He has shown some signs of resource guarding his food so he must be fed separately.  He was not fed well until he was rescued so understandably he guards his food. This habit could need work or special accommodations (we feed him separate from animals or people so he doesn’t feel the need to safeguard). Please contact me if you are interested in giving Mr. Hopper a forever loving home (BTW, his vetting is complete: he is neutered, he is UTD on vaccinations and he is currently on Heartworm monthly preventatives).


Hopper’s adoption fee is $100 to a screened and approved home only (email Sarah to get a blank adoption application to fill out to be considered) and live within 2-4 hour drive to meet the dog in person.