Meet Hokulani, a deaf 2 year old medium-sized dog weighing 75 lbs with golden eyes and short white/creamy fur. She was listed as a terrier mix at the shelter.

eet, loving, playful, and energetic dog. She loves taking naps on the couch or with her humans, loves playing ball and tug-of-war, going to the lake, and playing with other dogs. She especially loves long walks and lots of cuddles.

She is very smart and trainable, and has learned signs from “Acorn’s DEAFinitely Awesome Signs” such as ‘good job, watch me, touch, sit, down, stand, and come. She needs more training such as walking without pulling and being calm in a car so much patience and consistency is needed with that. She is up-to-date with all of her shots.

I’m posting this ad for my sister who is the owner of Hoku, short for Hokulani. My sister rescued Hoku from the Humane Society here in Georgia where she was placed at 11 months old. Hoku comes from a farm where she was abused by her previous owner. Hoku wasn’t able to eat her food without being hand fed by my sister when she first got Hoku. Hoku was afraid of other humans, especially certain types of men, and other dogs.

My sister spent much time calming her separation anxiety and socializing Hoku with other dogs so that she could be accepted into doggy day care. Unfortunately my sister is not able to take Hoku with her when my sister moves. It is very hard for my sister to give up Hoku which is why I am helping my sister find Hoku her forever home.

Hoku needs a family that can provide her with a lot of love, patience, and attention. She still has separation anxiety so someone who would leave her alone for long periods of time will not be a good fit. She is crate trained.

In return for a forever home with a loving and patient family, Hoku will reward you with her fun and silly nature and with so much love.