Hobie is an adoptable deaf 7 month old Australian Cattle dog who is looking for a loving forever home. He is a very sweet boy who lived with children in his former home.

Hobie would jump up on the children to greet them, and their dad didn’t know how to train a deaf dog to stay down, so the dad was going to get rid of Hobie. Fortunately, a good samaritan found out and snatched him up and brought him to our rescue, begging for help.

Hobie is friendly and loving with everyone he meets, and he is an absolutely gorgeous bob-tailed Australian Cattle Dog (blue heeler). He has had no training with sign language, which is why we would love him to either go to someone with experience with deaf dogs, or someone who has done their research and is up for the wonderful experience of loving and being loved by a deaf dog.

We prefer Hobie to find a home with someone specifically looking for a deaf dog, so if emailing about him, please let us know you saw him on Deaf Dogs Rock and your application will be given priority!