Meet Hobbs! Hobbs is an adoptable and sweet bulldog mix. He is about 3 years old and is deaf. Hobbs is looking for a warm home with a someone who will love him unconditionally and keep him safe.

Hobbs was rescued from an abusive home, but was rescued by a loving family who has given him a chance to thrive. It is now time to find Hobbs a permanent home! Because of Hobbs’ background, he has developed resource guarding and is very protective of his person. He can be startled easily due to his deafness, but he enjoys having his little ears rubbed as a sense of security.

Hobbs loves to play and be outside, but he can also be lazy! He loves to lay on the couch and take naps. Hobbs takes napping seriously, as he will sometimes fall asleep in his food bowl! He wants to make sure he is comfortable, so he will work hard at making his bed and sometimes he will flip over in the process!! He is a sweet dog and has the kindest eyes.

Hobbs needs a home that is fenced in with room to play. He would like an owner who is willing to work with a deaf dog and be patient as he overcomes some challenges and learns new things. Hobbs would thrive with a single person or couple with no children. He loves the attention that a small family gives him!! Hobbs loves playing with other dogs, but can play hard. A larger dog would be a great partner for him, he is used to playing with a male lab.

Hobbs can’t wait to meet his forever family! Please reach out to learn more about Hobbs and adopting him!! He lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, so he would love a family not too far!