Hero is an affectionate, high energy dog, seemingly a pitbull/pointer mix who needs a loving home with a dog savvy person who will make positive reinforcement training a priority. We took him in off the street about a month ago, and when he first came to us he was emaciated, his ribs and spine were visible, and emotionally he was completely shut down. Moreover, he acted like he had never been in a house before, never walked up stairs or laid on a bed, everything was new to him.

Over the first week he opened up, starting to make eye contact and wag his tail and accept affection from us. We found that he did not know how to walk on a leash, careening into our legs or pulling wildly when anything caught his attention. Not did he seem to know how to play; when presented with a toy, he would only sniff at it. However, within a matter of days, he was crate trained, returning happily to his crate after his time outside, showing promise. And in the month we have had him, Hero has made remarkable strides. In addition to being crate trained, he has learned how to play tug-of-war and loves throwing and chewing his toys. He is also much better on the leash, with the help of a front-latching training harness, and he loves his long walks. He also has learned what “no” (as signed by a wagging finger) means, though he doesn’t like to see it, and throws adorable tantrums!

To best understand Hero, imagine a three month old puppy in the body of a +50lb dog. He is also not entirely housebroken, occasionally having accidents, but provided that he is either in his kennel, or being brought outside on a regular basis, this behavior is manageable. Additionally, he struggles with anxiety, and paces relentlessly at times, however we are hopeful that a new regimen of medication will help this in the long run. His biggest issues are that he struggles with mouthing and jumping at people, and being deaf, he also barks and growls loudly when excited (and everything excites him). He has no idea that this makes him look and sound like a very scary dog, even though he doesn’t appear to have aggressive intent. His tail is always wagging and his ears are always perked, though we have not yet let him off the leash around other dogs to see what would happen.

Hero would likely do best in a home with a large yard to run around in. Being so large and energetic, we aren’t confident that he would do well around small children or small animals, but perhaps he could get along with another large dog that he could play rougher with. More than anything, Hero needs time and attention. We’re sure he’s a diamond in the rough, but since we have a small, patio’d yard, three small dogs and an elderly cat, we don’t have the best environment for him to thrive in. My father, who is home most of the time with all the animals, has also had enough of dealing with effort Hero demands, and wants him gone. To say this is tearing our family apart is not an understatement.

Hero needs a new home ASAP. Wherever you may live, we are happy to bring him to you, along with his meds, harness, toys and favorite MilkBone treats. If you are interested in giving a forever home to this excitable boy, or have anymore questions about him, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Hero was dumped in our neighborhood on February 6th. February 14th he was neutered, chipped and got his rabies shot.