Meet sweet adoptable deaf dog Helen who is a three year old boxer who has been through all the basic obedience training at the Prison Pup training program. She has even earned her Canine Good Citizen award. She needs a person who will be her person, never give up on her, help her to continue to learn new things, cherish her and always keep her safe. She would love to be adopted and live inside with her person but have access to a secure fenced in yard where she can run, play and chase her balls.


From her current caregiver: We got Helen from the pound after she was owner released after going through the prison training program. She loving, never had any problems at any dog park I’ve ever been to. Helen is great on a leash and loves going for walks. She also likes going to the dog park with a person who will keep an eye on all her interactions with new dogs and not be on their phone. If you are interested in adopting Helen and live within a driving distance of Columbia MO, please contact Mike so he can send you a blank adoption application to be considered. Helen’s adoption fee is $150 (to an approved adoptive family who fills out an adoption application) and who lives within 200 miles of Columbia MO.