Meet sweet adoptable deaf dog Heidi who is looking for a loving forever home.

From her rescue: I’m a dog who finds people very entertaining. Maybe it’s because you’re charming, and also because I’m Deaf and very attentive to what you do. For instance, I’ve had fun just watching people cook (and happily accepted kitchen treats), love being with you on walks, and cuddle as often as you like. You could have fun learning doggie signs—they’re like hand signals hearing dogs use. My former person loved me very much, but when her life plans changed she brought me back to The Animal League of Green Valley and left pages of information for you to see. A few important things: She said I’m house trained, very smart and well mannered. I’ve been territorial around other animals, but exceptionally sweet and patient with people. So please come see me soon, and maybe together we can share the sign for “home.”