Update 11/19/22 on Hattie Lynn: She is now 8 months old (new photos coming soon) and she has learned the following sign cues “sit”, “give paw”,  “lay down”, “time to eat”, “ball”, “go to your kennel”, “come here”, “no” and “go outside”. She loves to swim in the pool but stays on the platform most of the time but she knows how to swim. Hattie Lynn loves car rides and easily jumps in and out of the car.

August 2022: Meet adoptable deaf, 4 month old puppy Hattie Lynn who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, make positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep her safe.

From her rescue advocate: Hattie Lynn was found wandering in Houston’s Fifth Ward – an area where many pets are dumped. There are always abandoned, lost, and hungry stray animals. Her rescue angel was able to capture Hattie, take her home, feed her and bathe her. Hattie Lynn looked to be around 3 or 4 months old. Most alarming, however, was how thin and dirty Hattie was and how she could barely stand up and keep her balance.

Her foster family is teaching her commands with sign language. She has learned: SIT, NO, OUTSIDE and BALL. Learning more signs day by day. Her foster family has introduced Hattie Lynn to a vibration collar and she seems to be getting the hang of it.

Hattie Lynn is house trained and and crate trained. She sleeps and eats in her crate and has never soiled in it. She is a puppy and plays with almost everything. She likes balls, stuffed animals and any chewable toys. Hattie has some light-up toys that she totally enjoys. Note from DDR: Please use caution when using any light up devices with a deaf puppy because many can cause OCD behaviors and trigger shadow and light pouncing on the ground (and digging). We have seen this behavior with laser lights, balls that light up and reflect on the ground and flash lights. Read more about that here. 

Hattie entertains herself – for a while – chewing on rawhide bones. So far, Hattie does not like to get wet. Lately, though, she has dipped her little patty-paws in the pool – just testing it out.

Hattie lives in a foster home with two dogs and three cats. From the beginning, she has been friendly with the dogs and cats and plays very nicely with both. The cats do not want to be bothered with Hattie so they run away but, being a youngster, Hattie thinks that looks like a lot of fun and an offer to play. When she catches up to the cats, they start hissing, growling and trying to scratch her. Hattie Lynn approaches this as a game and does not exhibit a prey drive towards the cats. Just wants to have fun! Luckily for Hattie, these cats are declawed so she has a temporary reprieve. Her sentence has been commuted.

Hattie has a sweet and playful personality with other animals and humans. She is very friendly when meeting new people and Hattie does not differentiate among kids, adults, women or men. She was recently very quiet and calm around an 8 month old baby. She likes to cuddle sometimes but it doesn’t last long…she’d rather try to get you to play with her.

Hattie Lynn would love to be in a great home with a backyard to run in and a family that likes the outdoors and is eager to teach her the ways of a dog in the world. Hattie, the puppy, is a dog who likes to have fun!

Hattie has been completely vetted (DAPP with booster, Bordatella, Rabies vaccine, multiple broad spectrum deworming treatments, spay/neuter, flea prevention, 2-6 months of heartworm preventative according to age, a microchip with an instant lifetime registration, a high quality nylon Martingale collar for dogs over 4 months old, a health certificate deeming the pup healthy for travel, cost of transport, and many priceless years of love and loyal companionship! Three Little Pitties Rescue will provide transport to states in the Pacific Northwest: OR, WA, UT, ID, NV, WY, MT and BC. Canada. Other transportation can be arranged.