Meet adoptable deaf bully/dalmatian/lab mix Harmony who is looking for a loving family or person who will cherish her, continue her training and always keep her safe. She needs a home where she can live as an inside dog but also have access to a secure fenced yard where she can run her zoomies and chase balls.

From DDR: She may have some Catahoula breeding in her.


From Harmony: I’m Harmony, a 1.5 year old female Bully mix. I was adopted as a puppy by my dad. He noticed I didn’t react to noises or sound. Upon further investigation and vet visits it was determined that I’m deaf! I said, “duh, I coulda told you that!”

My dad is also hard of hearing so he trained me to learn hand language for commands! Anyone can learn my hand signals to communicate with me. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you, it’s easy! I’m extremely intelligent and know all kinds of commands; sit, stay, wait, up, down, crate, etc. I won’t eat my food until I’m given the “go ahead” command. I am completely housebroken! I will not pee on your carpet. I adore my human. If you’re on the couch, I wanna be on the couch too. In your lap. Or staring at your human face. I looooove other dogs and get along with everyone so wonderfully.

I’m a little sad because my current family doesn’t have a big enough yard for me and I. LOVE. TO RUN. Also, my human parents just work a whole lot. Like, a lot. Then I get stuck in my crate for a good part of the day and don’t get to expend all my pent up zoomies.

Do you have a fenced yard where I can get rid of my zoomies? Do you have a couch? Totally not required, but do you have…um, maybe…some fursiblings for me?
Wanna be my new family?