Meet adoptable deaf, 4 year old boxer Halo who is looking for a new forever home where she will be the only dog. She acts out if she doesn’t get all the attention but she would be a great companion for someone who doesn’t have other pets.

From her current caregiver Amanda: Meet We have to rehome our boxer, Halo.

She needs a home with no other animals. She loves kids and people. She is 4 years old. She is deaf. She is spayed. She is a good dog, just needs all the attention.

She and our older deaf dog, Capone, fought bad the last year. We thought it was Capone getting grumpy and not feeling well in his old age. Since Capone has been gone, she is turning on our other dog, Newk. She is bullying him. We cannot give both dogs the attention they need with her like this. If we pet Newk, she will growl at him or get between us and him. She has even snapped at him. We have a fenced yard that connects to our garage. She will block him from getting into the garage during rain, or when she doesn’t want him in there. She will run up to him and bark or growl at him when he is sleeping in the yard.

I love my girl to death and I hate doing this. We are located in Daleville, IN.