Meet adoptable 8 month old deaf puppy Hailey who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her, continue her positive reinforcement training/socialization and always keep her safe.

From her rescue: Hailey is a striking 8 month old pit bull terrier mix who is keeping herself busy, but really would love to find a home. She came to PAWS from a local animal control facility and is hoping for her second chance. She is an energetic and playful girl who is working on her manners and would do best in an adult home willing to work on her training. Hailey can be a bit timid with strangers, but comes around quickly with a respectful approach. She is deaf, but is incredibly visually focused.

Her Volunteer Buddy writes: She is EXTREMELY smart. She’s very responsive to hand gestures and my general body language. She’s high energy as every 8 month old puppy should be but definitely needs work on her manners-she’s very jumpy and mouthy. She may take a second to trust someone new but now that she’s comfortable with me, she’s very affectionate.

Hailey does really bond to her people and aims to please. She will do well with an attentive and experienced person willing to give her the guidance and attention that she needs. Hailey also enjoys the company of other dogs and would benefit from a social and confident canine companion who can help show her the ropes. She enjoys a good game of fetch, training time and agility work. She will make a great buddy for both active time and cuddles! Hailey will simply blossom with a patient person willing to help shape her into the awesome adult dog she can become. She is eligible for pre and post adoption training support.