Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Gypsy who needs a new loving home with someone who will cherish her, take good care of her and always keep her safe.



From Gypsy’s caregiver: My EX adopted Gypsy from the humane society 8 years ago as a surprise for me. She was 11 months old and severely abused. Also deaf. We just broke up he cant take her due to his living conditions and I have 3 young kids and work full time.  I also have just one income now. I have no time whatsoever for her and she doesn’t get the attention she needs. She also has a small growth on her leg that I have no money to take her to vet for, daycare for 3 is very expensive and I have no help financially.


A few years ago I developed allergies to dogs and I still decided to keep her. However I’m at a point now where I don’t know what to do anymore, a shelter would be her death sentence and she doesn’t deserve that. She is 8 but has the energy of a puppy. She loves to be petted, is good with cats and dogs and kids. She is protective of us.