Grace and Pinky – IL – Adopted

Update; 10-01-2014: Just got word that Grace and Pinky where both adopted!

Meet Grace and Pinky. Two beautiful deaf Great Dane puppies that were saved from a terrible hoarding situation. They were severely malnourished when they first got to the rescue but now they are flourishing. They are estimated to be around 11 months old. There were nine Great Danes and all but these two females have been placed in homes. Grace and Pinky still need to be house trained and because of their size and deafness they need to go to homes where an adult will be serious about obedience training. With at least 4 to 6 month of consistent obedience training Grace and Pinky will make great K-9 companions a good canine citizens. They are located in Woodstock, IL.

 Photo above: This is what Grace and Pinky used to look like when they were rescued. 

 Meet beatufiul Grace

Grace can hear some noises (maybe high pitched) but she doesn’t have any idea where they are coming from.



Deaf dogs do not do well isolated outside back in a kennel or tied to a tree or dog house. They need to live inside with their families but also have access to a secured fenced yard to play in and keep them safe.


Meet beautiful Pinky

Pinky is completely deaf and cannot hear noises at all.

Note from the rescue organization: ” They have both been spayed/gastropexied, shots are current as well as rabies and I am not sure if they are on HW preventative, but would have been tested. Neither are potty trained though the other 7 that have found their homes have progressed and are well on their way. They have always been excellent with people & other dogs (outside of their pack). We guess their age at around 11 months (their growth plates several months ago indicated about 9 months old). They will likely remain small for the breed, but have all grown quite a bit since we got them in September. They will need obedience training for sure, they are like big silly puppies, but very sweet. They are located in Woodstock IL.”

If you are a person who can help one of these deaf Great Danes reach it’s full potential, then contact Michelle Hutchinson at


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