Gordon came into the shelter as a stray in early August 2020. Took us a few days to realize that he was deaf. Apparently someone has done some work with him in the past as his leash skills are pretty good and at times has a default sit. Also knows it by hand signal. We suspect he may know more but don’t know the hand signals that he is used to. At times you can see him looking at us with some concentration, like why don’t we get it?


He does orientate to us. Considering that he is a teenager or young pre adult, he is trying to roll with the kenneling and frustration of being in a shelter. However when he is frustrated with us he has a powerful jump up with his 87 lbs. In addition we suspect he has been taught to mouth your hands as an attention seeking method. Not enough to break skin but still uncomfortable at times. He is highly treat motivated so diversion with a treat works best.




He appears to want to engage in a wrestling play style with like minded dogs and will parade a toy in front of them. Due to the COVID short staffing the best we can provide is a playmate on the other side of a chain link fence in our interaction yards. But some of his antics are a joy to see. It’s all about channeling the energy:)