Meet adoptable deaf Frenchton Glitch who is looking for a loving adult only home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

From his rescue advocate; Let’s get one thing straight off the bat – Glitch is not a glitch! Rather, he is a uniquely beautiful, smart, and cuddly boy who had a rough start in life and now deserves a caring, dog-savvy family.

Glitch is deaf, and perhaps that is where his name comes from. Equal parts Boston Terrier and Frenchie, he is a complicated boy who was abused by small children (and perhaps adults) in his formative years. Thus, a home without small humans is imperative! Glitch now needs an owner who is calm, patient, familiar with the quirks of his breed, and willing to work on training and has experience with deaf dogs. Most important – he needs to feel safe!

This beautiful pup wants nothing more than to please his humans, but he can also become protective of those he loves. When startled, he did bite a vet tech. He could not hear her approach and probably bit out of fear. Glitch is also not a fan of some other dogs.

Housebreaking is a work in progress, with progress as the key word. Crate? Nope – not a place he wants to be, and in fact, he gets very upset at the thought of it. However, he does fine in a small-ish area set off by gating.

Bring on the tug toys because tug-of-war is his favorite game. He also loves chasing a ball and playing with puzzle toys.

Glitch needs and deserves special people, specifically adults only and those who have experience with special-needs dogs of Glitch’s breeding. He thrives on routine and would be thrilled to have his humans be around a lot.

Life in the suburbs or country would be perfect for him, specifically in a single-family house with a fenced in backyard. Glitch loves walks, but do know that he barks at strangers, dogs, and cars and is definitely not a city or apartment dog.

Here’s what Glitch’s foster Mom has to say about this special boy:

He is very handsome with stunning blue eyes. He loves to snuggle under blankets with his person. He likes human contact and is very devoted. He sleeps through the night under the blanket on the bed with his person. He loves to play with the dogs he knows. He is very energetic but can be calm. He enjoys hikes in the woods.

A bite waiver will be included in his adoption. He did bite a vet tech who startled him but we all know that going to the vet and being handled by strangers is very stressful for any dogs. He is a very smart dog who just wants to learn.

If you think you are the perfect person who can guide Glitch into a calm, safe, and routine-oriented life, then fill out an application on