Meet adoptable deaf, female, 11 month old Foxy who is looking for a loving forever home (without cats) with someone who will love her, make consistent positive reinforcement training/socialization a priority and always keep her safe.

From Patricia his advocate: Hi! This is Foxy, she is an 11 month old stumpy tail blue heeler, medium size. Foxy has been in 3 foster homes looking for her forever home. He is super energetic, she loves to run and play, and she needs lot’s of attention /exercise/enrichment/training. Foxy does have Separation Anxiety (SA) and she does not work well if left alone for long periods of time because she gets anxious. There are resources on that can help with SA. Foxy  does well with other dogs but she likes to chases cats. The Australian Cattle Dog is a very intelligent breed if not the most intelligent of them all.

If you think you can give Foxy a wonderful home and are familiar with the ACD breed and have the patience to work with her SA and give her positive reinforcement training/socialization and provide a safe environment for her please email Patricia to have her send you a blank adoption application to fill out at