Meet adoptable deaf dog Finn who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, become his new best friend, teach him new things, and always keep him safe. Sweet deaf dog Finn weighs about 45 lbs and is ready for adoption. Finn is deaf and may be blind in one eye. Finn is AMAZING. Finn thinks everyone should love him as much as he loves everyone, even small dogs. Except cats. Cats are EVIL. Finn thinks cats smell funny and a lot like food so a home or foster without cats is greatly needed.

Finn does ok in a crate, except when those pesky cats get too close.

Finn is not quite a year old, walks decently on a leash, and tries so hard to be a good boy. He hasn’t met a person he doesn’t love. He can be a little temperamental about food, but so am I so that’s ok. He just likes to eat in peace in his crate.

Finn has even made quick friends with Sunny and Lord knows that’s nearly impossible because she barely tolerates any other animal with fur.

Anyhow. Finn would love a house and person of his own. Young kids might be intimidated by him, but dog savvy kids would be fine. He walks great on a leash, and accepts correction perfectly using a martingale collar. Probably the easiest dog I’ve ever walked for the first time straight out of a kennel.

I would even say Finn would probably even do ok on a truck once he got the hang of things because he loves people.

Finn is available through NovaStar Rescue out of Dover, Arkansas. Unfortunately he’s had exactly zero interest from our usual partner rescues due to his “special needs.” Once he learns to ”check in” you’re going to have an AMAZING dog here, so don’t let Finn pass you by.

If you can’t provide the right home for Finn, please share or tag a rescue, foster, or adopter who maybe could. Finn needs to move. Right now if he ends up having to go back to an outdoor pen at the rescue he will continue to have eye infections in his bad eye, and that is definitely not an ideal situation. Let’s move Finn!

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