Meet adoptable deaf dog Fenriz who is a 2 year old sweet heart looking for a loving forever home with adults only.

From his caregiver: Loving, tender boy needs his forever home! Fenriz is a 2 year old, 20lb deaf Dalmatian/unknown mix. He is crate trained and follows hand signals. He is surprisingly mellow! Aside from napping, his favorite activities include eating snacks, going for walks, watching TV with you and cuddling (especially under a blanket!) Because he is more sensitive he does not do well with kids.


Fenriz is however great with small animals and dogs roughly his size. He currently lives with pet rats and a toy poodle. He will likely need to be on prozac for the rest of his life to help with anxiety because Fenriz tends to be quite sensitive to changes in his surroundings. At our vet, this is only about $20 every 3 months and he willingly eats them in his breakfast everyday like a good boy.



Ideally, you have a fenced yard or live quite close to a fenced dog park and have plenty of time to help him settle into his new routine. Fenriz cannot go off leash outside of a fenced area for safety reasons (lol he can’t hear you calling!) Fenriz is neutered, microchipped and up to date on shots.

Fenriz’s adoption fee is $200.00 but to get approved for adoption you must fill out an adoption application first to make sure your home is a good match for him. Also you need to live within a 3 hour (or less) driving distance of Tacoma WA. Please email Talia to get her to send you a blank adoption application to fill out.