Meet adoptable sweet deaf Border Collie Eli who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, be his new best friend, teach him new things and always keep him safe.

From his current caregiver: I adopted Eli from the local Kings county Bound about July of 2022. I am running into a hardship that means I must rehome Eli. As I will not have a space to house him when I have to move in the next 20 months. I am hoping that Eli get’s a home that appreciates him.

Eli is a border coli mix I think maybe Australian shepherd mix. idk. because Eli is bigger than most boarder collies I know. Plus the bound said that to me. It be true or not idk. I have paperwork from the bound and Eli has had his vaccines, been chipped and spade.

In all this time he has amazed me. I say he is smart because I don’t see to many dogs like him that responds like him. He comes to my bed to tuck me in. He loves going out on daily drives and he is very curious about each dog park we visit. I am slowly learning that sign language of some kind really helps with communicating with Eli. Eli responds to sign cues very well. He is easily distracted however. It takes practice but he is very alert to the sign commands or environments around him. I can get him to stop or come. He loves to shake hands but I can’t take the credit for that because someone else taught him how to shake. He is getting better at reminding me when it is dinner time. I love how smart he is (he really is brilliant!).

Eli does have a few interesting trait’s which are that I can tell when it bothers him that he can not greet or participate with others within his sight range. He barks and does a cute tale follow spinning around a time or two. I believe Eli is doing the best he can to communicate to those around him what he want’s. I have many toys about our place but his favorite are boxes and of all things he loves five gallon water jugs.

Eli loves when I get close and talk to him. He can feel the vibrations when I have my chin to his head and gets excited that he can feel me talking to him. I don’t know what he makes of it the vibrations but it seems to make  him  very happy to be loved and appreciated. Speaking of which, he loves affection and cuddling.

I wish I could keep him but I will be moving soon and the situation I may have to move to does not afford me to have Eli. I am sad about our circumstances but I feel if I can rehome him to a loving forever home it will be the best option for all of us.