Meet adoptable deaf Catahoula Duke who is looking for a loving and active home with a person or family who will cherish him, continue his training and always keep him safe.


From his current caregiver: Duke is a very out going dog, he loves children, enjoys the company of other dogs, and absolutely loves nature as well as water! If you leave the bathroom door open he will join your shower and sit right understand the water. He loves pools! He loves cuddles and he loves to do tricks for treats so he is very food motivated when it comes to training.



Duke is a very intelligent dog and we would love for him to go to a loving family who will be active with him, continue his training and also have a home with a fenced in back yard where he can run, play and stay safe. He loves water so a pool, pond or lake would be great for Duke to play in.  He’d be great with other dogs. Hope to see him have a job maybe on a farm but with restrictions because of  his deafness or someone to teach him about Agility, Lure Coursing or compete in Nose Work.