Meet sweet adoptable, 8 year old deaf dog Doug who needs a new home where he is the only dog. He is a great dog but he is in a small home, with many children and he is not a happy camper. He needs his own person who has time to spend with him, do fun things together and always keep him safe. He was just recently vetted and up to date on vaccines, HW negative and he is neutered. Please help Doug find a loving forever home where he will be cherished but get 100% of  his new human’s attention.

From his caregiver:

We are needing to find a new home for our Doug. We feel very sad about this but the situation that’s happening is not a good life for him or us. But I’ll start from the beginning of when we got Doug. We rescued Doug back in 2018 from California. We wanted to rescue him because of him being deaf and being in California. We knew that he would have went to a kill shelter. The people we were working with was the daughter in law and she said the reason her mother in law couldn’t care for him was because she had cancer. We were told that he was good with other dogs and kids. They even sent us videos of him with all of that so we could see. We already had another dog and had one kid at the time. It did seem like maybe they were breeding his kind because they had 4 other dogs like him. They said they didn’t know his exact age that maybe he was 4.

We had them take him to the vet in California to get his shots and check up Which we paid for. Then we paid a small company to drive him in a van to us here in Washington. We got him and introduced him and our other dog. They seemed good with each other even though both being males. They got along really well playing all the time. Even when we left them at home for work they did good. 1.5 years later we had to move into our parents in law house which meant they had a smaller area. There was another dog in the house but we never let them all together. At this time of moving Doug seemed to attack our other dog. We weren’t sure if it was due to new house, being smaller area, or because I was pregnant. It didn’t happen every time. It was very random and we couldn’t figure out was causing it. Since then they still get in random fights but we have noticed it happens more when their emotions are heightened.

We try and keep things calm. But that’s kind of hard when we have 3 kids now. We have been trying to work with them but it seems these last couple fights have been really bad. Before they weren’t to bad and they would break up themselves. But these last few have been a lot of blood and not able to break them. We both have decided it’s time. It’s not fair to any of us. Mainly our dogs. Not only because of that but we also have to keep them away from the kids because we didn’t want to take the chance of it happening around them. Doug has gone after my parents in law dog as well which is the reason why we need to find a new home for him and not our other.

It is a very sad situation because Doug would be an awesome dog if he was by himself. He just can’t have any other animals. We have tried finding someone in our friends and family to take him but no one is able to because they all have pets already. I just know he would be so good for another family by himself. He is so calm and gentle with kids. Our little kids can climb all over him and pull his ears. He doesn’t do anything to them and never has done anything to us. He knows a couple signs for sign language but not to much. He loves going outside and for walks but he does make really loud screams out of excitement. Which was another thing he never started until like 6 months after having him. He’s just always so happy and ready to go. He is house trained from the beginning and is able to be left alone for work. When we first got him we did notice he likes kennels or small rooms like bathrooms if left alone. He likes knowing he is safe with him being deaf. We haven’t had any health issues with him and he was just vetted and up to date on vaccines and HW negative.  We are very sad to be asking this but we feel it’s just not a good life and we don’t want to come home to one of them not being alive. So we definitely need a new home for him sooner than later.