Meet adoptable 4/5 year old Doc who is looking for a loving forever home with no small children, with someone who will cherish him, work on his training and always keep him safe.

Update 5/27/23: Doc is currently at the Elkhound Ranch for a two week on site dog training to help Doc with his resource guarding tendencies.

From his foster: Look at that gorgeous boy! Doc is a 4.5 year old deaf pit/boxer mix that experienced abuse and neglect by his previous owner before being surrendered to a non-profit shelter. They were going to euthanize him because they were overcrowded, and deaf dogs are hard to adopt to the general public. When we found that out, we rescued him. We already have two dogs, and three young boys and don’t have the capacity to keep him. Our intent is to find someone that gets to love and snuggle with him furever.

-Good with kids
-Housebroken if provided the chance to get outside (the ex-owner left him in his kennel for days at a time)
-Loves to go on car rides, and walks.
-Enjoys meeting new people and dogs
-uses a kennel regularly
-loves to play tug of war and enjoys chew toys
-accepts training on resource guarding well – needs more work on resource guarding issues so a home with no small children is a must
-Sammi is able to hand feed him small amounts at a time.
-sits and lays down with a hand command
– he’s very loving when he feels safe

Challenges that can be overcome with the right training:
– He currently is being treated for anxiety with fluoxetine (Prozac) (likely to reduce greatly when he feels stable)
– Will resource guard food and his Kong if it’s filled with treats
– he startles if approached with no warning (standard for a deaf doggo)
– currently on an antibiotic due to being bit by another dog (he didn’t even fight back)
– he will sometimes flop over and lay there if he doesn’t want to go to bed. (Cute but annoying)


He’s gained much needed weight since he’s come home with us. Please help us give Doc a chance. We can’t keep him much longer as we don’t own the house and we are at the pet limit. We are exhausting every effort.