Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Diamond who is looking for a very special home with someone who will cherish him, make positive reinforcement training/socialization a priority and always keep him safe.

From his rescue advocate: Diamond came to Amazing Mutts and Wiggle Butts on August 13th. She is a beautiful all white pitty puppy white one blue eye and one brown eye. I fell in love with her picture and I had to bring her home. When I got to the shelter that day I realized her bottom is dipped with tan. She jumped up and licked my face and hugged me. I laughed and said they must have dipped her in brown sugar before sending her off the rescue. She is the sweetest filled with love, happy and lots of kisses!

Diamond is just at one years old with an estimated date of birth is October 1, 2020 She is 55-60 lbs with long kangaroo legs and a nice athletic built.
She was owner surrendered to the shelter for continuously getting out of the fence. Diamond can jump a 6 ft chain link fence in seconds flat. What we have learned is that she is a velcro dog and needs to know where you are at. If she thinks she is alone in the yard she will jump the fence to find you. As long as you are always where she can find you she will stay in the yard. Many of our backyard adventures include just sitting in the chairs around the fire pit and Diamond would be laying on the grass near by. Happy to have her people near.

Diamond are furever! This Diamond is no different. She deserves a family that will take the time to work with her and learn how to communicate with her. That family/person will be rewarded with millions of kisses. She has a lot of energy and will need a space where she can run and release that energy but never left alone in the yard. She walks good on leash for small potty breaks so we go back and forth about if she needs a fenced in yard or not because the fence will not keep her contained. She needs a family that loves snuggles and kisses and doesn’t mind having a shadow that will follow them into the bathroom. That family will need to understand proper crate training and keep her crated when not at home. The crate will need to be a safe spot used to keep her safe and never used as punishment. Diamond came to rescue with crate anxiety and we have worked so hard to make the crate a safe spot.

Diamond has yet to find the cats in her foster home. My cats stay up away from the dogs and she has vet to interact with them one way or the other. The other dogs in the foster home are hit and miss. She does good with them inside the home but when they get outside and wants to play and can be a little too much energy for some dogs.