Meet adoptable, 2 year old deaf dog Debbie who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her current caregiver: I hate I have to do this and I’m not the type to pass on my responsibility to someone else and I love this dog very much. I have known I couldn’t keep her any long for some time but now I do worry about her safety living and roaming on a ranch (which is not an option any longer). I want her to be safe and happy in a new home.

First I must tell you about her, honestly I call her different names plus she is fully deaf so actually she could easily be renamed.
I adopted her when she was just a tiny pup she is either 2 or 3 now I lost track of her birthday. I trained her to sit, lay down, no and waiving at her is like high or good girl. When I am pointing at her that means “no”.  Also shaking my finger is big “no”. She is one of the most laid back versatile dogs and very easy. She is really good on a leash and will walk right next to you.  She is half blue pit/ blue heeler and L believe that’s why she was born deaf the two blues. She is very sweet and smart.

She absolutely loves to play fetch, loves to fetch sticks out of the water, loves car rides, and she loves loves going on hikes or jogs.
She is spayed and has a micor-chip. She does have skin allergies that are not bad but she will itch a lot because she needs a better quality of dog food, probably grain free.
This sweet girl is completely house trained and will never ever have an accident in the house or car.
My ideal forever home  for her would be someone serious who will cherish her, make her a priority and always keep her safe.

Because she is deaf she needs to always be on a leash. I live on a ranch and she loves it here but I cant take her with all the other dogs on runs any more because I let them all off leash but her. When I am not here, my parents let all the dogs out to run so to keep her penned up by herself wouldn’t be fair. My parents are to busy doing chores to keep an eye on her. I know this sounds like an easy fix but its not I have to rehome her to keep her safe.
She needs to be always on leash and absolutely no cats,  chickens or small animals because she thinks are rodents living  on a ranch she doesn’t know the difference between wild animals and small domestic animals.
I prefer she go to a new home where she is the only dog to a single owner. Someone who is active and will take her with them. She is good with maybe one other dog but I don’t want her going to a home with a bunch of dogs and her be stuck in the background. She likes to play with other dogs but she really needs someone who wants to play with her. I will be glad to go into further detail of the leash requirement and how she is or let you meet her because this isn’t me getting rid of her because I am tired of her. This is me having to rehome her to give her a better life.

Debbie has a $150 adoption fee and if you are interested please contact Sierra and ask for a blank adoption application to fill out. You must live within driving distance of Joshua TX (with in 3 hours or so).