Meet DD

Breed: Pitbull/Dalmatian

Description: White with black spots, mixed eye color, medium build

Gender: Female

Weight: 42 lbs.

Age: 0 years 9 months

Spayed / Neutered: Yes

House Trained? Yes, may still have an accident if not kept to a schedule

Crate Trained? Yes, mild to moderate separation anxiety

General Training? Learning basic hand signals for Sit, Down, Wait, Stay. Responds to vibration collar for Come and Attention.

Good with Children? Yes

Good with Other Dogs? Yes

Good with Cats? Lives with cats but has not interacted with them much

Location / Contact

Residence: In home with foster or owner

City: Houston

State: TX

Contact Name: Amber Glover

Email: aglover1@kleinisd.net

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Application Link: Click Here

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Meet adoptable deaf dog DD who is looking for a loving home with someone who will make her part of the family and always keep her safe.

More from deaf dog DD:

My name is DD and I’m a Pittie/Dalmatian mix. My foster mom found me after I was abandoned in her neighborhood by a family who didn’t understand how special I am. You see, my special mix has given me playful spots and gorgeous eyes, one brown and one ice blue, but it also came with partial or complete deafness. But, despite a bit of a rough start I’m now doing great in my new foster family! I get to play every day with my two Pittie foster sisters Kya and Zoi. I also have two foster cat siblings, but they’re not too sure about me yet even though I’ve tried to say hi…


I’m also learning some new things with my foster parents. I’ve learned that when my vibration collar buzzes I need to go find my foster mom or dad and I’m starting to learn that when my foster parents make funny shapes with their hands it means they want me to do something. I love to go on walks around the neighborhood and in parks, but my favorite walks are when I get to go with my foster sister Kya to the dog park! I love getting to meet all the new people and other dogs and just want to play with everybody. My foster mom calls me a wiggle butt because I’m so excited and just can’t hold still!

I just love being with my people every day so it makes it a little hard when I have to be by myself. My foster family is teaching me to use a crate and so far I’m doing great as long as people are still where I can see them, but I can get pretty scared and anxious when I’m by myself, but I’m starting to see it’s maybe not SO bad.

I’m looking for a forever home where my new family will understand how special I am and will have the time, patience and love to work with me to be the amazing dog I know I can be!

I am available through SAVE rescue at www.saverescue.org where you can complete my adoption application.
My ID # is 34809721

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