Meet adoptable deaf 4 year old red heeler Daphne who is looking for a loving home where she will be cherished, be the only pet and always kept safe.

From her current caregiver: Daphne is a beautiful almost 4 year old deaf red heeler. She may be a bit aloof at first, but will warm up to strangers. She is a goofy dog, loves to play, loves to cuddle. She definitely will keep you entertained!

She is a special girl who is very much loved and adored who is looking for a family that can meet her needs and give her the best home possible!

She has been in the same home since she was a puppy and has been loved, well cared for, and adored. As life changes, her current family is unable to provide the most suitable home for her any more.

She is extremely sweet and loves to snuggle with her favorite humans. You can even catch her snoring when she gets comfortable.

She loves to play with toys and ropes and will play fetch and tug of war all day ! She would do well in an active household, however she’s perfectly content to sleep all day too!

She loves bones and balls more than anything, so sometimes she refuses to give them up. Because of this, we keep these items out of the home.
She is very intelligent, trainable and willing to learn.

She is potty trained and does not have accidents in the house. She may take an opportunity to check out the trash if no one is watching! She can’t resist being sneaky! Nothing a locking trash bin can’t fix! She did have a crate when she was younger, but is perfectly content to lounge about on a chair or couch while you’re away!

Daphne does not have any destructive house behavior and loves to look out the windows, sometimes perching on a chair or the back of a couch.

Daphne knows some basic commands/signs, but further continued training / practice is always recommended!

She enjoys walks with a no-pull harness, however she’s not the biggest fan of the cold. She does have a couple coats that help her feel more comfortable in cold weather. Some days she will run away from the door and hide the moment she realizes the weather is less than ideal. Poor baby!

She would be best to have a securely fenced yard, as she will wander off to explore if given the chance. Being deaf, it can be hard to recall her if she’s not looking at you! Safety needs to be a priority for her.

Daphne is a special girl and needs a special human family without other dogs or children in the home. Daphne should be supervised during any interactions with other dogs or visiting children. She can be easily startled by children or other dogs who don’t understand not to sneak up on her or how to be respectful of her space. Not having to share love, attention, or toys would be a dream for her!!!

Daphne should not be in a home with cats or other small animals, as she thinks they are way too much fun to chase! Watch out squirrels !

Daphne would be ok with teenagers or older respectful children.

Daphne really needs a home that fits her needs where she can have a happy stress free life. Unfortunately, she is not currently in a home that’s able to provide for all her needs. She is greatly loved and cared about. Daphne’s adoption fee is $175.00 and she is fully vetted.