Meet adoptable deaf 11 month old Dani who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment/structure a priority, and always keep her safe.

Dani is a sweet young pup who is looking for a special home. She is deaf but is working hard on hand signals and basic obedience. She loves treats which definitely help her gain trust with new people.

Not being able to hear can cause her to be extra cautious of new people, places, or things she can be easily startled and shy because of her deafness. It takes a while for her to feel comfortable and understand new surroundings, so she would be happiest with people who are understanding and will take things slow with her. Because she is easily startled, she would probably feel most comfortable in a home without other pets or lots of hustle and bustle. She would likely do best in an environment that is more remote or one that has a fenced-in yard.

She is very much an adolescent dog and needs some training and needs a home that is willing to train her and understands that they may have to pursue multiple different avenues with her training due to her disability.

She is crate trained and is usually happiest in my crate when people aren’t around.