Meet adoptable deaf Catahoula puppy Dallas who is looking for a very special home with someone who will love him, take care of all his needs, make positive reinforcement training a priority and have a commitment to always keep him safe.

From his rescue: Dallas is a sweet boy that came into our rescue as a 9 pound puppy along with his brother. Dallas is deaf and has some visual impairment. He had been injured on a rear leg before he came to us and while playing one morning, he fell and when he did, he ruptured a healing wound and he had a traumatic tear to his urethra. He has had multiple surgeries at a specialist to repair and has been so brave. He now has a perineal urethrostomy (which means his boy parts are re-routed so he’s more like a female now).


Dallas still has some leaks when he sleeps sometimes. But he has been joyful and loving soul through all of it. He is about 40 pounds now and 7 months old. While we thought he was a double merle catahoula breeding – we sometimes think there is some Great Dane in there – you can be the judge. He’s so smart and wants to please – he deserves a loving home.