Meet adoptable deaf boxer girl Daisy who is looking for a loving home with someone who is home because of her separation anxiety (SA). It does help to have experience with SA. Daisy needs a person to cherish her, give her a structured daily routine, build her confidence and always keep her safe.

Daisy is intelligent, very loving, excellent with children, good with other animals, she is healthy and has a lot of energy.
Needs 24/7 care, has separation anxiety due to being deaf.

Daisy knows some American Sign Language (ASL) and responds very well to hand signs. She walks great on a leash and she loves the dog park.

It would be wonderful to place her with a Deaf person/family who is familiar with SA and is home a lot. She would be perfect for someone who wants a constant companion by your side all the time. There is a solution for Separation Anxiety and you can read more about that by clicking here. 

To interview, please respond to ad explaining why you’d be a good fit and why you are interested.

$200 rehoming fee is firm.
Must be willing to show property and home provided. Must be willing to communicate with follow up visit by me to ensure safety, health & wellbeing.