Meet adoptable deaf boxer girl Daisy who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her foster mom: I am a foster mom of Daisy. She came to our local shelter as an owner surrender. She was brought in with her puppies because the owner said she kept having puppies so he couldn’t keep her. She was adopted and then returned. The new owners had kept her in her kennel for 10 hours a day and she whined too much so they brought her back but now she is in foster care and being well cared for.

Daisy is very very sweet. She loves to cuddle and sleep on your lap. She loves car rides and treats. She loves to be near you. She loves warm beds and soft pillows. She will very patiently wait and watch you prep her food. She loves to run and play! She is good with other dogs and children. She was with a previous foster family with children ages 10-17 and she was great. Her size makes her a good match for families.

She is deaf but very smart and people focused. She watches you constantly. She knows her signs for ‘Sit’ ‘Down’ ‘Shake’ and does them quickly especially if you have a treat in hand!

Daisy loves her kennel. She will stay in there and is happy, maybe not for the entire day but to her it is not a punishment, it is her safe spot. She is not completely housebroken but living in home with proper attention should fix that quickly. (I am a foster but have indoor/outdoor kennels for them, I do not have them in my house due to allergies). She even loves to wear her jacket!

As for any known issues:
We have noticed that she is sometimes weary of men. Not all men, but some with hats, she barks at a lot. She is not aggressive toward them but definitely is uncomfortable. Also, Daisy should not be in a house with cats. Lets just say she really really likes cats!

Daisy is currently with Barkville Dog Rescue so her adoption is through them. An application would be submitted. If that’s approved, then a home check, then a meet and greet to confirm a good match for family and Daisy.