Meet adoptable deaf dog Comfrey who is looking for a committed person to love him, make positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment a priority, never give up on him and always keep him safe.


From his shelter advocate;

Hey! Liberty Humane Society is looking for help to place Comfrey in his furever home. He is very sweet and loving. Comfrey is very good with learning new commands despite him being deaf. We have been working with signals and tapping him to get his attention, and he has made great progress, but he still needs to further his training. We have been working with leash training for him because he tends to bite the leash in a playful way when he is bored because he struggles to find a way to communicate with us.


Comfrey is a very happy and healthy dog that needs a home that is willing to train and keep him active. In order to compensate for his lack of hearing, he needs more enrichment to keep him busy. He gets frustrated when he has pent up energy, especially when he is in confined spaces like crates and doesn’t know how to tell people he needs something. Comfrey is amazing and just needs a patient home that will work with him and try to understand him better.