Meet sweet adoptable deaf dog Coco who is need of a loving home with someone who is home often. Her caregiver has had to get a second job and Coco finds herself living in a crate. Her human wants the best for her and is trying to find her a loving home where someone is home who can spend quality time with her.

From her caregiver: Coco is 1.5 year old Dogo Argentino/ Pit mix. She’s very sweet and loveable, and very energetic. She loves to play chase and play with her toys. She loves to wrestle and is very food driven. I’ve only heard her bark twice, once while playing chase with my daughter and once while she was dreaming. She knows the sign cues for sit, lay down, stay, come, go, and to check in.

It breaks my heart to part ways with my baby, but due to tough times, I’m forced to pick up a second job and I can’t bear for her to have to stay in her wire crate all day and all night.