Cleo – Adopted

Update 3/5/17: Cleo has found a wonderful forever home and is officially adopted!

From Cleo: Hi Deaf Dogs Rock! Its me Cleo and I would like to introduce you to my fur-ever family!! Yep you got that right a family picked me to be their Princess!! I get to spend my days with Kim and Marc plus their 2 great kids!! I promise to be a good girl and give them all my love!! Oh and the best part they have a lot of experience with deaf & blind Great Danes like me!! I have found my happy ever after with this wonderful family!! So I might be saying goodbye for now, but I promise to send updates!!

Please don’t forget about my sister Skye, she still needs that special family to give her the happily ever after she deserves!!

All my love & puppy kisses,
ADOPTED Princess Cleo
Big Dogs Huge Paws

Hello Friends! My name is Cleo and if you have a minute I would like to tell you my story.

Three years ago my sister and I were came into this world born deaf & blind. We were born deaf & blind because an irresponsible backyard breeder bred their 2 harlequin Great Danes to produce a litter of puppies and this caused a genetic defect called the double merle gene. Puppies with the double-merle gene are predominately white and have a higher chance of being born deaf and with eye defects.


After reading my story, you might feel sorry for me but please don’t. Yes I am considered special needs, but I prefer to focus on the SPECIAL part. I do not let something like being deaf & bling stop me from being a princess! As a princess I am one well behaved puppy girl, even if I do say so myself!



I love meeting new people and I am a friendly sociable girl. Like a true Great Dane my favorite things include cuddling on the couch and giving hugs to my family. As a princess I am very dignified so I know my training; I can sit, stay, lay down, come, and give a Hug all through touch commands. I also enjoy a leisurely walk where I will impress you with my leash walking skills. A lot of people think because I am deaf & blind that I must require a lot of work, but really I am so attentive to my people that I will easily follow your lead. With my amazing sense of smell I can get around perfectly. I am also very intuitive so I am able to sense your emotions. I do get nervous sometimes with other dogs, unfortunately I was picked on by another dog when I was younger. I do ok with other Great Danes if they are well mannered, but really I prefer my human family over other dogs and wouldn’t mind being the only dog. I am even good with children, although I like to give hugs so older children would be better.



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