Update 5/18/22; Poor Checkers has been living in boarding because he lost his foster family. He needs a new foster or a foster to adopt. Here is more info on Checkers: Meet adoptable deaf dog Checkers who is looking for a loving forever home where he is the only pet!

Single, white male looking for a monogamous relationship where he doesn’t have to share you with other animals.

Enjoys long walks in the country where he can give you his undivided attention without the distraction of other dogs or humans.

Is always excited to meet new people and working on his first impressions but down to Netflix and Chill once the adrenaline wears off.

Has an extensive chew toy collection and hobbies include going on car rides and snuggling under blankets.

When Checkers isn’t studying Sign Language (which, he is fluent in sit, stay, come and leave it), he can be found practicing party tricks, like scarfing down his favorite meal in record time or confidently sporting a muzzle- worn only for special occasions, like walks near pesky off leash dogs.

Brains and brawn, he’s got it all! His muscular physique combined with a love language of physical touch promises to keep you warm on cold nights.