Meet Charm a beautiful 3 year old small female Australian Cattle dog looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her rescue: Are you looking for a magic charm to help relieve the stressors of everyday life amid all the panic and chaos? You have found it in beautiful Charm! Charm is a 3 year old, 31 lbs sweetie looking for a forever home to unleash her goofy personality upon! Could that be yours??

Charm was found as a stray in a KY shelter, and sat in the shelter for a few months before ACDRA had a foster step up. Why would a beautiful girl sit so long waiting for a home? Well, the shelter staff was concerned about getting her adopted out to just anyone, as she is completely deaf. However, that doesn’t mean she has any less love to give! Charm loves to cuddle, run and play and is such a goofball dog! Her silly personality comes shining through more and more every day. She is extremely active, and needs a home who is fully capable of giving her the physical and mental exercise to keep her bored and out of trouble! She loves to play with her foster brother, a 75 lbs scaredy Shepherd mix. Her favorite move is to ram into him at a high rate of speed from the front while biting at his back ankles for a TKO. She succeeds often. Very much a bull in a china shop, she is not very graceful, or delicate. ‘Ping-ponging boulder’ is actually how she would be best described. But she has so much enthusiasm and joy you can’t help but love her! Although she is deaf, she stays close by so training a good recall should not be a problem, but she will need to stay in fenced areas or dragging a longline until she is secure in her home. She LOVES to do the splish splash in creeks, ponds, pools and puddles!

Charm does have a few dislikes and quirks that mean she wouldn’t fit into some homes though. She doesn’t *love* her crate. She can be crated, but she will bark, and though she does eventually settle, a home where her owners are with her more often than apart is ideal. A crate is highly recommended if she isn’t able to supervised, as she has no issues with jumping on counters or tables to investigate yummy smells if she gets bored! She also should be the only female dog in the home, and any males should be extremely submissive and playful. If she gets intimidated by other dogs, she will snap at them and if they don’t back down, she won’t either. Typical sassy lady ACD! She has a high prey drive, so I would not allow her to go to a home with cats, chickens/birds or children. As she is deaf, owners with previous deaf dog experience are preferred! A fenced in yard is also going to be a requirement for this lucky little lady. House training is being worked on, but she will need a strict routine and supervision for a few weeks to make sure she doesn’t have any accidents inside.

Charm is being fostered in Maysville, KY. Adopters who could drive to her are preferred, but not required. However they should be prepared to drive at least 3 hours to meet commercial transport, if in the northern states that ACDRA covers. Charm is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccines and preventatives. Questions? Email her Ma at”