Hi! My name is Chanel and I am a Deaf 6-8 year old flat coated retriever mix. I’ve been called Tigger because I’m cheerful, outgoing, and bounce up and down on my back legs when I’m excited. I weigh around 45 pounds. I could probably weigh up to 50, but I shouldn’t get any bigger than that! I am not typically a cuddly dog. I know better than to jump on the bed or couch and when I’m sleepy and want to lounge I’m just as happy to lay down a few feet away from you. I do like being pet and getting a belly rub on occasion. Rather than affection, I’d rather receive love in attention and food. I’m always hungry for a treat and only play with toys that feed me. With enough practice I might be able to set the record for cleaning out a frozen peanut butter Kong!

Because I am very food driven and smart, I have a lot of potential to learn tricks and new skills. I can already sit and lay down like a pro, and have been practicing “shake” and “stay” recently. I have some hearing loss so I’m learning hand signs along with commands, but luckily my ears don’t slow me down at all.
I am a medium to high energy gal and do well with lots of exercise. I walk very well on leash and love going for walks. I typically walk 2 miles a day and could go much farther. I would be very happy with a family that likes to hike and maybe even run. While I’d enjoy a house with a big yard, I have a hard time occupying myself alone outside so having that structured exercise with my family is very important to me.

I have general anxiety that makes it hard for me to stay calm and I have been jokingly called “high maintenance”. I like to nap in the morning but can spend the afternoon and evening panting and pacing around looking for food and attention. Sometimes if I don’t get what I want I will throw a fit and bark at my foster dad, so I need a family that will be strict enough to help me learn that’s not okay. I take Trazodone to help me stay calm but can still get overstimulated or anxious and it’s hard to tell what my trigger is. I am most anxious if I feel separated from my family including crated or gated in a single room. I am house trained and not destructive and I’m looking for a home that does not plan to crate me. I can go in the crate, but it causes me a lot of anxiety and I whine and bark when I’m in there. I also insist on sleeping next to my foster dad’s bed every night and don’t like to be alone at night. Because of my anxiety, I would be happiest in a house without close neighbors in case I bark and a family that is home a lot or will take me out with them.

I am very friendly with strangers and seem friendly with other dogs as well. I want to talk to every dog I see while on a walk and had lots of fun meeting new dogs at the dog park. Since I am deaf, I sometimes don’t hear cues from other dogs so it is important that my owner monitor my dog playtime. I have lived with other dogs in the past but have not been face to face with a cat. When I have seen them in their enclosures at the rescue I have not responded aggressively. I can be officially tested if requested! I have not been around children either, but I’m sure I’d be good with older kids that know how to respect animals.

Overall, I am an adorable, sweet dog, who’s biggest issue is that she might love and miss her family too much and not know how to express it. I need a family who will be around and will be patient and consistent with me as I learn the rules of the house and establish a routine that helps me thrive.