Happy Tails

Annika’s Happy Tail

We heard about Junior the deaf English Bulldog who is also Annika's little buddy earning his CGC Award. Junior is [...]

Mimi’s Happy Tail

Mimi's Happy Tail was written by Kirsten Solberg to celebrate Mimi's three year Anniversary since she joined their family. Mimi's [...]

McGrady’s Happy Tail

Update 5-22-2014: Fabulous McGrady and Friends Foundation provides assistance for rural Carolinas animal shelters and approved rescues looking to assist animals [...]

Bonnie’s Happy Tail

Thank you to Tamara Kelly for sending me Bonnie's Happy Tail! I just love reading stories with a happy ending [...]

Shysie’s Happy Tail

Shysie's Happy Tail written by Judy McKinney Meet Shysie (Native American for "The Silent One", which turns out she is [...]

Mickey’s Happy Tail

Mickey's Happy Tail written by Hannah Morgan My deaf dog Micky is an amazing, sweet American Bulldog mix, and he's [...]

Zoey’s Happy Tail

This is Zoey's Happy Tail written by Gabriela Sink My husband and I have always had cats. Cats are cool [...]

Chloe’s Happy Tail

Chloe's Happy Tail was sent by her mommy Jackie Fithian from San Bernardino, CA. Her name is Chloe. I rescued [...]

Helen’s Happy Tail

Helen's Happy Tail by Kylie Blahut A year ago we saw Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook page do a re-post of [...]

Deaf therapy dog provides support to Langley patients.

To honor Veteran's Day we wanted to highlight some of the deaf dogs who serve our Veterans every single day [...]

Casey Gets Rescued!

Casey Gets Rescued - Happy Tail written by Molly Schroeer A little over a week ago I received a call [...]

Lucky’s Happy Tail

It isn't often we get a Happy Tail from Pretoria South Africa (actually we have never gotten a Happy Tail [...]

Lola Leaves a Legacy

I asked Maggie Lazur to send us her story about her deaf dog Lola who recently passed away. I wanted [...]

Stella’s Happy Tail

We love getting Happy Tails like Stella's Happy Tail. Isn't she just beautiful. Thanks Dani for sending us Stella's story [...]

Wilma Mae’s Happy Tail

Wilma's Mae's Happy Tail written by Nina Patten   Hello my name is Wilma Mae and I am a 12 [...]

Enzo’s Happy Tail

Enzo's Happy Tail written by Bethani Angell We rescued Enzo from death row in Georgia eight years ago when he [...]

Quest’s Happy Tail

Quest's Happy Tail by Misty Clayton My name is Misty Clayton and this is my new deaf dog's Happy Tail. [...]

Semi’s Happy Tail

If you have not met or seen Deaf Rocker Dog Semi you will be delighted in seeing this Rock Star [...]

Angel’s Happy Tail

Angel is my second deaf dog. She has an older brother, Pirate, who is also deaf, and the two of [...]

Happy Tail By Nina The Wonder Dog

My ‘tail’ didn’t start so happy and I began my life in an apartment where they had to hide me [...]

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