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Patches – NY

Patches - NY

Meet Patches! Patches is still in foster care in NY. Update 7-19-2015: Patches is still in foster care patiently waiting for her forever family! Here are some updated photos of her! Update: 1-28-2015:From Nick her foster dad: She is currently being fostered by me still. It has been over a year now I believe. We are working with a local trainer and she has gotten a few hand signals down now. Unwanted NYC Pets continues to promote her where we can, but i fear that since she is an older bigger deaf pitbull mix in the NYC area, that we really need to promote her in more rural areas. If you have any ideas or insights, please let me know. Meet sweet adorable Patches! She is currently located in Brooklyn, NY. She is one of the sweetest deafies you will ever meet. She is non stop wagging her tail. Such a happy dog when there are people around. She deserves to have a loving home with a owner who will take her places, keep her safe and continue teaching her new things. She pulls hard when seeing other dogs, and has had some not great run ins with small dogs but with a new home giving Patches a consistent training schedule she may improve. From her foster family: Patches lives with my an 80lb Pit/Lab mix […]

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Sushi – CA

Sushi - CA

Sushi is such a sweet, fun and loving little girl that does not let a little thing like living in silence stop her from living a full and happy life. Sushi is a special needs girl as she is completely DEAF. She is hoping to find that very special home with understanding pet parents that are willing to give her that perfect home where she can spend the rest of her life.   While Sushi was recovering from an injury that required surgery, she spent some time in a foster home. Her foster mom started her on obedience training with hand signals. She is a smart girl and a fast learner. Hopefully her new family will continue her training. Because Sushi can get a little excited and rough when playing, she is recommended for older, teenage children in her new home. When it comes to other dogs, she is selective. She loves to swim, cuddle with people, and go on walks. Could you be that special family for sweet Sushi?

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Lily – NC

Lily - NC

Lily is a solid white spayed female boxer located in Vale, NC. She is deaf but hears better with her other senses (smell and touch) than most dogs. She knows what the yes and no looks are. She knows visitors arrive before me or the hearing dog! She is a huge lap dog. She is funny and gets excited and her whole read end wags when she is happy. She is an inside only dog and requires a fenced in area to play in outside. We currently have electric fencing but she must be supervised outside due to being deaf. She does better in a home with no small children or small dogs. She loves riding in the car and going on trips. Will only go to an approved home. Am having to rehome her and my other animals due to personal/ mefical reasons. Rehoming/adoption fee plus reference and approved home required

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Emmet – MO

Emmet - MO

Meet sweet Emmet! Emmet was brought to us at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri as a stray, and never reclaimed by an owner. That being said we have little to no history on Emmet. What we can tell you is that he is a gorgeous, sweet mannered deaf boy that is in need of his forever home. For additional information call the shelter at 417-833-2526 Note – our adoption contract requires that all dogs (including Emmet) will be neutered before being placed with an adoptive family.

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Bowser – NE

Bowser - NE

Bowser is a sweet 1 1/2 year old boxer boy currently available through Northern Plains Boxer Rescue. His family surrendered him because they did not realize howmuch work it would be to train a deaf dog.   He is great with both big and small dogs, as well as cats. However,he has a very high energy level which can be intimidating to some other animals. He would do best in a home with another highly active playmate. He’s an absolute angel on a leash and loves every child he meets. When we are on walks and pass by a child, he will go over to them and lie down and wait to be petted. He’s not food aggressive at all and is very gentle when accepting treats during training. He knows “sit” and “stay” and if you can get his attention, he understands “come.” He’s a great boy and deserves the best home possible.

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Whitey – FL

Whitey - FL

Whitey is a loving, playful neutered male American bulldog mix who was rescued from a busy road in Miami. He is about a year and a half and loves people and other dogs. He is also excellent with small children. He is house trained. He is easy to walk on a leash and he is learning hand signals. It turns out he’s very smart and obeys the hand signals. He is a quiet dog who loves to cuddle and chill out. He weighs 74 lbs. Whitey is up to par on all of his shots and vaccinations. He is presently on once a month flea and tick medication called Nextguard. I am fostering Whitey until we find him a loving home. You can reach me by email at [email protected] or on my cell 305-915-5359.      

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Petey – GA

Petey - GA

Meet sweet puppy Petey! He is located in Dallas, GA. Update 7-17-2015: Petey is now 12 weeks old. Here are some updated photos of him. Petey is a deaf puppy looking for a new loving home. Petey was rescued from a local animal control facility at approximately 8-9 weeks of age…he is all boy – a happy, silly/comedic, playful and sweet puppy! Although, Petey was born deaf (unbeknownst to this facility)- this has now been confirmed by the HSS org veterinarian. His training will be more about focus & hand signals…oh, and lots of treats. (already begun/highly motivated) Petey is also a Parvo survivor.   Breeds mix: Dalmatian mix -estimated DOB: March, 2015 -neutered -current on at least 3 puppy series of vaccines (DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies & CIV), dewormers, monthly HW and F/T preventions and microchipped. Crate/ex-pen trained (potty pads/newspaper). Petey is great with children (prefer older) and other patient animals too!

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Kayson – IL

Kayson - IL

Hi everyone! This is Kayson . Mama V’s Puppy Sanctuary in Mt. Vernon, Illinois pulled Kayson from death row at our local county pound. He was extremely malnourished (only weighed 40 pounds). Kayson was covered in sores from being crated for months in his own waste. Even his tail was so infected that we thought it was going to need amputation. We did NOT know he was deaf! But we’ve had him for several months now  and he’s all healed up. Kayson has doubled in weight with proper feeding and is now ready for his forever home!   Kayson is a big guy  and he weights about 80 pounds! He is the most gentle and loving dog ever! He is sorta “needy” as I think “love” is a new concept for him and he can’t seem to get enough! He’s still very very scared of crates so we don’t recommend crating him.  Our resources here are limited for deaf dogs so we are reaching out across the miles to see if anyone will fall as madly in love with this guy as we have! Kayson is about 3 years old, neutered and he is completely 100% vetted! He is an absolute joy to be around.  Kayson’s adoption fee is $200 with application and good vet reference! Please contact us if you might be interested in […]

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Axle – IL

Axle - IL

Axle is a 40 pound pit bull mix. He is all white, with a few black under spots. He has one dark brown eye and the other eye is half brown and light blue/green on the bottom. He has a black spot circling his dark brown eye. He is around 20-22 inches tall and somewhat muscular but still growing. He has grown since I got him and I suspect he is around 9 months old. He has been going to obedience school for the past 5 weeks and is learning better behaviors but still has trouble around other dogs. He is VERY excited and wants to play, but ends up almost being aggressive to other dogs. He LOVES people, just about everyone he sees on walks, etc. He is a very high strung/energetic dog who will need lots of exercise and play time. The animal shelter that I adopted him from did not know he was deaf and found him on the streets in downtown Peoria, IL. Axle was only at the shelter for 3 weeks before I brought him home. I love Axle to death and he is a great house dog, but I find myself not able to spend as much time with him as needed. I would love for him to be with a family who is home a majority of the […]

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Montana, SC

Montana, SC

This beautiful boy is Montana he is deaf and sight impaired. He was returned after a year with his former adopters. He is said to have food resource guarding issues. This behavior can be corrected with positive reinforcement training. On the intake form it was noted he is an excellent dog otherwise. Those at the shelter who have fostered him, say he is a sweet dog and I have to agree. We are looking to place him with a loving family who will nurture and love him. We believe he does have limited vision.

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